Sewer and Water Line Insurance

Excerpt from the annual Bonnie Brae Newsletter. We have run this story before but want to be sure our newcomers are aware.

Homeowners are responsible for the exterior pipes that connect their utilities to the main pipes, and every year it seems that we have waterline breaks in our neighborhood. If it breaks, you pay to fix it. One Fairfax Water inspector said that our 50-year-old community, with PVC pipes installed in the 1970s, was among the worst in the area for water line breakage.

However, in partnership with Dominion Electric, HomeServe insurance is available to cover this, and the low monthly charge will be added directly to your Dominion bill. According to HomeServe, the average cost to replace a water line is over $2800, and the average sewer line is over $5,700.

When a water pipe breaks, Home Serve covers everything and handles all the notifications and contracting. HomeServe also offers coverage for several interior and exterior utility systems from gas and water lines to furnaces, water heaters, plumbing, and electrical systems, but the waterline is probably the most critical in Bonnie Brae. It’s important to know that your coverage stops if you rent out your home to someone else unless you make new arrangements with HomeServe. Be sure to update your coverage if you rent out your Bonnie Brae home. Details here:

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